Immediate Solutions For Our Unique Network Setup

Merkem techs have a deep understanding of our IT needs.  Our office uses various software, which includes Digital Image Archiving, GE Centricity Electronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Management.  Merkem keeps the software integrations and workflows up and running during our critical business and patient hours. They are even able to create on-demand custom reports through the GE Centricity platform for the physicians.  No one understands our needs better.

Tanya Vera CFO
Montclair Breast Center, P.C.

Personalized Service And Attention

The biggest benefit to working with Merkem is your knowledge.  Your dedication to the clients and patience, to teach those who are not computer savy, is greatly appreciated. We get prompt service and Merkem works through issues until resolution. Working with your firm, clients get personalized service and attention!

Claudia Sandoval Practice Manager
Dermatology Consultants of North Jersey, L.L.C.

Peace Of Mind

The team at Merkem is dedicated to providing good, reliable, personalized service.  With Merkem, we have the confidence that someone is always around when service is needed, even after-hours.  They thoroughly assess our practice needs and help us decide what solutions suit us best.

Kirsy Morel Practice Manager
Advanced Orthopaedic Associates of North Jersey, L.L.C.

I Sleep Well At Night

Merkem provides transparent service and meets our IT needs, efficiently, reliably and securely.  They source products and material for projects as needed, at a cost-effective rate.  They work to assess our needs and offer solutions.  They’re not cheap and their services and solutions are fairly priced.  If you want things to work when and where you want, give them a call.  I sleep well at night.

Sonny Marquez Director of Operations
Student Bus Company, Inc.